Chairul Tanjung – Para Group Chairman

Chairul TanjungChairul Tanjung
Para Group Chairman
Chairul Tanjung is one of the central figures in the Indonesian business Landscape that Warta Ekonomi named him one of the most influential business figures in indonesia in 2005. Mr. Tanjung the founder and chairman of PARA GROUP, one of the leading and fast growing conglomerates in the country. The Group has interests in three core industry sectors: (1) Financials Services, (2) Media, Entertainment and Lifestyle, (3) Energy, Mining and Infrastructure.

Several leading financial businesses, such as Bank Mega (10th Larges bank In Indonesia), and Bank Mega Syariah Indonesia which now has asset of more than IDR 2.5 trillion. Other financial businesses of the group are Para Finance, Mega Life, Mega Insurance, and Mega Capital.

Mr. Tanjung has also led the group to become a formidable force in the media, lifestyle and entertainment sector. the group established Trans TV in 2001, which is now amongs Indonesia’s top 2 TV Stations.

The Group also acquired Trans|7 (previously TV7) in 2006 to realize it’s vision of becoming a leading player in the fast-consolidating industry. The Group’s lifestyle business spans from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain, franchises for some of the leading high-end fashion brands in the country including Prada, Miu Miu, Tod’s, Aigner, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Mango, Coccinelle, Fransesco Biasia, Canali, ets, not to mention Bandung Supermall. Looking into the future, Mr. Tanjung Has envisioned Para Group to venture into the energy mining and infrastructure sectors.

Born in 1962, Mr. Tanjung has a bachelor degree in dental surgery from Universitas Indonesia and an MBA from Institut Pendidikan & Pengembangan Manajemen.

His roles outside Para Group include Committee Member of the Jakarta Initiative, Chairman of Indonesia Forum Foundation, Chairman of Pacific Basin Economic Council, Chairman of the National Kidney Foundation Indonesia, Board Member of the Indonesian Committe for Humanitarian Program, Board Member of the Indonesian Red Cross and Board Member of the Jakarta Art Foundation.

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  2. ilham haqiqi

    Ass.. salam sukses bapak chairul tanjung…
    saya ingin bertanya bagaiman prosedur undang bapak sebagai pemateri ?
    no contact hp yang bisa dihubungi
    terima kasih

    • umam

      gimana pak udah dapat prosedur untuk mengundang bapak CT belum pak, ?

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